Cybersecurity Services

Safeguarding your critical digital assets
to minimise the risk of a cyber breach, avoiding
unwanted disruptions and negative impacts on
your business reputation.

The Cybersecurity Challenge

In the current business landscape, protecting personal and sensitive business information with antivirus software, firewalls and backups is no longer enough. Modern-day cyber-criminals are targeting the often-overlooked weakest link in any organisation, the people.

Kiwi’s have the tendency to be very trusting, making them a prime target for scams such as providing login details, fraudulent payments or inadvertently installing malware or ransomware. These modern threats can’t be stopped by traditional methods presenting a major challenge for business owners and managers.

Employees are easily deceived which can lead to paralysing business outcomes. IT has traditionally focused on technical security solutions, which is important but only provides a partial defence against new more sophisticated attacks.

How confident are you in your people and systems in the event of cyber attack?

Can your business afford to be another statistic?


of New Zealand businesses were
attacked in the last year


increase in reported cyber-attacks
in New Zealand last year


of businesses don’t survive after
a major loss of business data

Why do you need to take Cybersecurity seriously?

It is more critical than ever before for all businesses to develop effective safeguards against modern cyber threats. Without a robust multi layer security solution in place, businesses are leaving themselves wide open to crippling disruptions and avoidable risks.

Are you like of the majority of owners and managers who have their head in the sand with a naïve view that cyber insurance covers all eventualities?

In reality the impact of a cyber-attack is far reaching having implications across multiple areas of your business from significant downtime, to loss of critical business data, negative impact on brand reputation and the loss of customer trust which are all difficult to quantify from a pure cost perspective.

Businesses today need an effective and comprehensive cybersecurity solution to protect themselves from ever changing cyber threats.

Take your Cyber Risk Assessment

Are you managing your cybersecurity risk?
Take our online assessment in under 10 minutes to identify your key cybersecurity vulnerabilities
and receive a report with recommendations on what you need to do.

The 5 key elements of any cybersecurity strategy:

  1. Identification – your important technical assets
  2. Protection – implement the appropriate safeguards to avoid attacks
  3. Detection – implement modern tools to identify incidents
  4. Response – contain issues and problems
  5. Recovery – restore your systems and processes

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape with the continual escalation and growth in cybercrime. It is critical to ensure that all areas of risks are identified and key vulnerabilities managed with up to date security best practices to avoid becoming an easier and more attractive target. Being passive instead of investing in the protection of your business is a risk not worth taking.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions

We have developed a range of solutions to suit your needs based on recognised cybersecurity frameworks utilising best in class tools.

1. Technology and Cybersecurity Management Service – identifies key security risks with a prioritised roadmap and mitigation plan backed by continual monitoring to detect cyber threats and data breaches

2. Cybersecurity Assessment – risk based analysis of your current cybersecurity controls and your ability to remediate vulnerabilities

3. Cyber Resilience Audit and Toolkit – complete program from identification

4. Business Continuity Planning – identifies potential risks to your most critical business functions and prepares you to recover quickly and effectively

5. Security Awareness Training – formal program to train users on potential cyber threats and how to avoid situations that might put your business data at risk

Our solutions are all geared towards creating a cyber resilient environment to reduce your business risk.

How will I benefit from improved cybersecurity?

Peace of mind that you are proactively managing your key business risks

Minimise the possibilities of a cyber incident occurring

Reduce the impact of cyber incidents by early detection and mitigation

A cost-effective monthly fee vs a huge cost of dealing with an incident

Protect your sensitive data to safeguard your business reputation

Customised cyber solutions

to meet your business needs

Our solutions continually identify and assess key cyber
risks and vulnerabilities to protect your digital assets.

Take your Cyber Risk Assessment

Are you managing your cybersecurity risk?
Take our online assessment in under 10 minutes to identify your key
cybersecurity vulnerabilities and receive a report with recommendations
on what you need to do.

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