The Cloud drives productivity for both Management and Employees

While Cloud is still a bit of a buzzword, it is very much becoming mainstream and marks a truly major leap forward for the average business. Before, all company data had to be stored on local devices. If you wanted to work on company documents, you had to do so on a company computer in the office.

The Cloud has allowed for company data to be stored online instead which is more secure, easier to access, and has significant advantages for both management and employees.

By switching to running your business in the Cloud, you have the rare opportunity to make everyone happy. Here’s how.

How the Cloud Benefits Employees

Once your company switches to working in the Cloud, your employees will have an easier time navigating their tools, be able to work from anywhere, and less likely to encounter issues.

Instead of having to navigate through several apps and files types, if you use a Cloud platform for work such as Office 365, you can simply open up your web browser and be able to find every tool you need. All your files will live and can be shared with a click. Multiple people can even work on files at once. No more emailing files around with multiple versions saved on different PC’s.

Since you log in through a web browser, you’re not tied to working in your office. Remote working options are suddenly available. Work from home to keep an eye on the kids or while on the road.

The constant security and performance updates mean that you’re less likely to experience technical issues. Nothing worse than your service being down to stop you from doing all your work. With the Cloud, you avoid common technical difficulties and troubleshooting.

How the Cloud Benefits Management

The Cloud also highly benefits management. It makes it easier to enforce regulations, manage productivity, and use data for improved decision making.

Instead of needing to update and change preferences on each individual computer, you can use the Cloud to push updates and preferences to every employee instantly. You’re guaranteed that everyone fits your security standards without having to check each workstation.

Using the Cloud for work also allows for better productivity monitoring and automation. Online services like Xero have revolutionised the way SME businesses are tracking their financial performance. There is such an extensive range of cloud apps available that can help improve business productivity from payroll, job management and CRM’s through to online shopping portals, payment systems and online customer surveys.

Because you have access to all of your Cloud data, you’re able to make smarter decisions. You’re able to see revenue and job statuses in real time. No more waiting for someone to get you the report you need. Depending on your needs, there are all kinds of Reporting and Dashboards that can be set up to give you a 360 degree look into your business.

No Matter Your Role, the Cloud Benefits You

Whether you’re a new employee fresh out of uni or a manager who has been guiding the company for years, having your company work in the Cloud provides an opportunity to improve the way you work every day. Everything from better security to remote work options is on the table with Cloud tools.

There’s a reason everyone keeps talking about the Cloud.

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